Mega Green
Premium Organic Fish Fertilizer


Mega Green premium organic liquid fish fertilizer is made from naturally fortified 100% pure catfish protein. Readily absorbed and immediately available, our all natural fertilizer is the ideal plant and lawn food source. It delivers healthier growth and more vibrant colors without any of the side effects associated with synthetic fertilizer.

Grow lush green lawns, beautiful flowers and pot plants, delicious fruits and vegetables and more with this amazing organic fertilizer. Mega Green contains nitrogen, phosphorous (phosphate), potassium (potash), micro-nutrients, minerals, amino acids, peptides and other essential nutrients for a well balanced fertility program. 

Mega Green is made from 100% US farm raised catfish. These fish are raised in pure alluvial spring-fed ponds and fed the finest diet of nutritious grains, vitamins and minerals. This strictly controlled environment assures a premium, consistent product that is available year-round.  And, our finished product has a pleasant, minty scent!

Key Product Features

  • OMRI certified all-natural 100% organic fish fertilizer for strong, healthy plants
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable without the negative side effects of synthetic fertilizers
  • Great for lawns, gardens, flowers and most any other plants
  • Balanced fertilizer containing essential macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, amino acids, minerals and peptides
  • Applied foliar for quick absorption or can be placed in the root zone
  • Slow release fertilizer for sustained feeding during the growing season
  • Will not burn leaves or roots when used as directed
  • Establishes a fertile root zone environment that promotes the growth and vigor of microorganisms
  • Increases yield and improves taste of fruits and vegetables
  • Sets and holds more blooms
  • Easy to apply and compatible with most other sprays
  • Long 5+ year shelf life
  • No fishy odor (mint scented)
  • Made from 100% US farm raised catfish, a renewable and sustainable year-round product

What makes Mega Green better than the competition?

Well, for starters all our fertilizer is made from a single source of fish protein, US farm raised catfish. These fish are raised in a controlled environment on a strict diet of only the best feeds for growing strong, healthy fish chock full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. This ensures a consistent, premium quality fertilizer in each and every bottle. Compare that to most other fish fertilizers that use different varieties of fish species from batch to batch, depending on the catch-of-the-day. So, you can see why our fertilizer is much more consistent and more effective!

Mega Green is a hydrolysate and not an emulsion fertilizer. We use a low heat process during manufacturing so as not to destroy the beneficial characteristics of the amino acids and other ingredients. We also extract the solids and oils, thus leaving a product that will easily flow through a 200 mesh screen. It can be easily applied using the hose end applicator, through drip irrigation, injected into irrigation water or by many other means.   

All our products are made from freshly harvested catfish. Within 30 to 45 minutes of the time the fish enter the processing plant, our manufacturing process is in motion. Unlike many others, we do not use decomposing fish. And, we add a fresh, minty scent so that it can be used on the lawn, landscape, garden, flowers, potted plants, vegetables, trees,  shrubs, fruit trees, parks, golf courses, athletic fields, commercial properties or most anywhere there is a need for a balanced fertilizer program.

Mega Green on landscape Mega Green on lawn Mega Green on flowers Mega Green on golf courses Mega Green on produce Mega Green on garden vegetables Mega Green on flowering shrubs